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Bio-Anthropological Evidence

Skeletal and other biological remains from the preliminary study shows high promise of one of the best evidence of populations passing through Kormantse to the Diaspora and should become one of the best collections of such evidence. Evidence of at least two adultindividuals through measurement from a femoral head diameter indicates that at least one was a female although there is still the need to verify the sexing by use of a reference population for the area to provide a better estimation. In another are there were at least two individuals as well, one adult, as evidenced by a near complete recovery of adult teeth, and likely a sub-adult 6-10 years of age-at-death. In addition, more than fifty tooth and enamel fragments were identified and appear to represent at least five individuals: at least two, may be three adults, and certainly three sub- adults: one 6-10 years and two 1-5 years of age- at-death. Preliminary evidence shows a total, 9 individuals representing five adults (one may have been female) and four sub-adults (two – 1- 5 yrs and two – 6-10 yrs). Bio-anthropological analysis is still in its early stages and no interpretations can be provided at this time.