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The Clans

The Clan Heads and Governance of Historic Kormantse

In the traditional political arrangement of historic Kormantse the respective heads of the seven clans called Akonguafo, which means “those who sit on stools” constituted the Council of Elders who advised the chief. The clan heads were also the kingmakers who, in concert with the royal family, select and ultimately install a new chief for the community. They pledged their loyalty to the chief of the community and assisted him in the day to day administration of the Kormantse state. The leaders of the various clans also served as the principal divisional chiefs and, therefore, administered the various towns and villages that constituted the historic Kormantse state. Also, all the clan heads belong to the war council of historic Kormantse which would make strategic plans during war times. Sometimes they would collectively consult oracles to seek spiritual intervention for the entire community in times of great hardships such as the outbreak of epidemics and repeated community disasters. It is believed that current paramilitary groups may have had their origins from the deliberations of past war councils.